Download our CardValet App on your Mobile Device


A mobile app with added features for your debit card

CardValet is a mobile card control app for your Bank of Fincastle debit card that can be downloaded from the Apple App and Google Play stores. It enables you to manage, track and report specific types of transactions and quickly detect unauthorized activity.  You can customize your experience by choosing from a variety of features.

Choose your CardValet settings

Card Usage Controls

Establish spending limits on your debit card; allow transactions up to a certain dollar value and decline others. You may monitor and control transactions by specific merchant categories, such as gas, hotel, travel, restaurants, groceries or electronics stores.

Card On/Off Setting

When your card is “on” transactions are allowed in accordance with your usage control settings. When your card is “off” no purchases or withdrawals are approved until your card is turned back “on”.  You may take advantage of this feature to disable a lost or stolen card.

Location-based Controls

The “My Location” control can restrict your Bank of Fincastle debit card transactions to merchants located within a certain range of your location. (using the primary phone’s GPS)

Interactive Alerts

CardValet can send a real-time alert when your card is used, when a transaction is approved and exceeds any of your permitted use settings, or when a card transaction has been attempted but declined.

Financial Features

CardValet also enables cardholders to conduct  limited card-related transactions wherever they are, any time of the day, including balance inquiries and locating ATMs.


CardValet Frequently Asked Questions

Does CardValet work on Android phones and iphones?

 Yes. Card Valet works with the most recent mobile operation software as well as the two past generations of android and iphone devices.

Does CardValet work for ATM cards?

No. Card Valet currently supports The Bank of Fincastle debit cards.

How long does the app stay logged on if you don’t log out?

The app automatically logs the user off in 10 minutes.

Does CardValet reflect the card status?

Yes. The card details screen displays the card status.

What are the CardValet password requirements?

CardValet passwords must be at least 8 characters in length and must contain at least one upper case character, one lower case character, one number and one special character.

If the user has two cards from different financial institutions that support CardValet, can they register both cards with CardValet?

The user must create a  unique login account for each financial institution. Each login account is applicable for a single financial institution. On the login page, the logo of the logged in financial institution shows.

Can multiple cards be linked to one registered CardValet account?

Yes. Cardholders can register multiple cards with a CardValet app. Additional cards can be added with the Settings-Add Card screen.

When the cardholder receives a reissued or replacement card, will they have to update their card within the application?

If the card number is new, the user must “add” the new card number to the user’s profile.  In addition, the user may delete the old card by accessing Settings-Manage Accounts.

How long does it take for a control or alert setting to take effect?

Control settings take effect as soon as the “updating information” message in the app stops.

Are the alerts sent as email or “push” notifications to the device?

CardValet alerts are sent as push notifications to the phone. The alerts also display under “Messages” in the CardValet app.

What types of transactions display in CardValet?

CardValet only shows the transactions that are performed with the debit card.


For more information or to pick up a brochure about CardValet visit any of our convenient branch locations.

For CardValet support  or other inquiries email or 540-473-0130.