The Bank of Fincastle’s Business Online Banking Online Cash Management system provides business customers a 24-hour secure, efficient, and easy way to manage accounts via the Internet. Businesses can view account information, transfer money between Bank of Fincastle’s accounts, pay bills online, initiate Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions, initiate electronic payment of federal and state taxes and initiate wire transfers.

All of the above automates cash transactions, reduces costs, lowers error rates, enhances internal security, eliminates payment uncertainty, and reduces the work of manual processes.

To apply: Please call (540) 473-2761 to request an application or click here to print an application.

The applications can be dropped off at any convenient branch location or mailed to us at:

The Bank of Fincastle 
ATTN Online Banking
PO Box 107
Fincastle, VA 24090


  • The Company Administrator has the ability to determine which employees can access cash management features and add, modify and delete end users and determine the features they can access. This option contains a full suite of customer administrative functions including end-user maintenance, activity reporting, balance alerts, account maintenance, password modification, and the inactivity timeout setting. The Company Administrator has access to all of the Administration options. The Change User Password feature is the only option available to end-users.
  • Cash Management Services range from fully functional balance reporting and account history to fulfillment requests and the ability to send an email message to the financial institution.
  • The Account Summary screen is designed to provide information at a glance and also allow a drill down into additional detail for a specific account. Previous Day functions both provide detailed listings of account activity with a series of sort options that allow quick access to critical information. Previous Day provides transactions for the previous business day.
  • Using the Online Services features, customers have a direct link with their financial institution via E-mail. The Photo Copy Request screen is designed to allow the customer to request a hard copy of a check, statement, or deposit slip. The Check Reorder screen is designed to allow the customer to order checks online.
  • The Book Transfer feature allows customers to move funds between accounts within the same financial institution. Transfers can be scheduled for the current day or a date in the future.
  • The Wire Transfer feature moves funds between accounts that are within different financial institutions.
  • The ACH Transfer feature allows customers to create direct pay files (i.e. payroll) and submit them to their financial institution. *
  • The Bill Payment feature allows customers to pay their bills online; add, edit or delete a payee (the entity that receives payment); check to see if a payment has cleared; and email the electronic bill payment service provider.