Peace of Mind and Security to Avoid Overdrafts

Apply online today for a Personal Overdraft Line of Credit and enjoy the comfort of knowing your unintentional overdrafts are covered.

Or complete the application and bring it into our nearest branch. Once your request is approved, we will link your Personal Line of Credit to the checking account(s) you choose.

Then, if you don’t have enough money in your linked checking account to cover a check, debit card purchase, ATM withdrawal or online bill payment, we will automatically transfer funds from your Personal Line of Credit to cover the item plus any fees.So, no more bounced checks!2

Features and Benefits

In addition to protection from overdrafts, enjoy quick access to emergency cash when you need it.

Includes up to a $2,500 line of credit, with interest billed only on the amount borrowed.

You still have the option to link your Bank of Fincastle savings account as a secondary choice for overdraft protection.

There’s no transfer fee if you make the transfer to your account online, in-branch or by phone. Only a $5 fee if the bank transfers the funds automatically.

No application fee or annual fee – If you are linking your line of credit to a joint checking account, all account owners must complete their part of the application.

1The following fees and Annual Percentage Rates will apply: Automatic Transfer Fee – $5; Late Payment Fee – 10% of past due amount; Return Check Fee – $35.

2If your Personal Overdraft Line of Credit is not large enough to cover all items that have overdrawn your checking account, we will make a partial transfer of the remaining available balance on your line of credit to bring your line to $0. If you do not have an amount available on your line of credit, your item will be returned and your account may become overdrawn and fees incurred.  You may link your account to your savings as a secondary overdraft protection.